Discover Mercato Trionfale: Rome’s Vibrant Food Market!

Welcome to our cozy Vacation Home located on Via di Santamaura, an ideal location to immerse yourself in the true atmosphere of Rome.

Our vacation home is conveniently close to the picturesque Mercato Trionfale, a characteristic place that opened its doors in 2003 and has since delighted residents and tourists alike with a wide selection of fresh and gourmet products. This rustic market has become a reference point for quality food lovers in Rome. At the Mercato Trionfale, you can experience authentic Roman cuisine and local culinary culture, tasting succulent olives, freshly baked bread, top-quality prosciutto, artisanal cheeses, and much more. The colorful and vibrant stalls of the Mercato Trionfale reflect the richness of Roman gastronomic tradition, making you feel like an integral part of the city’s daily life. And our Vacation Home on Via Santamaura offers you the convenience of staying just steps away from this lively market, making your trip to Rome even more memorable.